The Douro River

The second largest river in Portugal’s Douro originates deep in Pirineyskogo Peninsula. The Douro River , stretching more than 200 kilometers of its waters to the Atlantic Ocean , gathering on the way numerous tributaries.

The history of the city of Porto, the second largest city of Portugal , located at the mouth of the Douro , is inextricably linked with the history of the river. In the past, overflowing stream Douro allowed merchant ships to go deep into the peninsula, today Douro became shallow and is only available with a shallow draft vessels .

The banks of the Douro is very picturesque , and the river valley is an ideal place for growing grapes used to make the famous port wine is one of the most recognizable symbols of Portugal. It should be noted that in Spain is called the Douro Douro and the famous wine region of Ribera del Duero red wine of which is called the soul of Spanish winemaking , it owes its name to the river .
At the mouth of the Douro River on the right side , as mentioned above is the port , and on the left bank there is another completely independent , the city of his administration under the name of Villa Nova de Gaia . It is also often referred to as the satellite city of Porto.

Douro River .

By the way , the town of Vila Nova for nearly four hundred years was the only city in Portugal, where it was possible to produce and sell the port. Grapes are harvested in the Douro valley , passed initial processing at local wineries , and from there to a young wine barrels floated down the river in Vila Nova de Gaia . In the same city was founded the famous port wine houses -Sandeman, Offley, Copke, Barros and many others.
Currently vineyards in the Douro River Valley provide nearly 90 % of the production of port wine in Portugal. Thanks to the «wine » reform Marquis de Pombal Douro River Valley was the first place in the world where wine classification was used in the place of origin of grapes , that is, the buyer knew that if the port is on the bottle label Douro, port wine is produced from grapes grown in it Douro river Valley .
Douro River . Portugal . During a visit to Porto do not miss the opportunity to get a river cruise tour of the Douro River . Duration of the tour for about an hour , the cost of trips from 10 euros in low season to 20 euros in the summer. And the final price depends entirely on the number of passengers the ship ‘s tour . Riverwalk is certainly worth the money, thanks to it you can see a completely different port, and a new look at its original history .

By the way, are located in the Upper Douro vineyards of the famous port wine houses Sandeman , founded in the 18th century . The beautiful port wines have earned the brand world fame , and all thanks to the amazing quality of grapes grown in the Douro Valley .
And one more small oststuplenie , if you decide to take a walk tour of the Dora the wine cellars in Vila Nova, where, by the way, the lion’s share of grapes is drained out of the valley of the river , in the article «Classification of port wine » may be found necessary information about the gradation of port.
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