Coimbra . University

Coimbra . University

Coimbra . University

The medieval capital of Portugal is known for its University of Coimbra . Coimbra . University, founded way back in 1290 the Portuguese king Diminishem , originally was called the General Science.
What is interesting only in 1910, in Portugal there was another school of this kind , the University of Fine Sciences, until that time, the University of Coimbra was the only educational institution in Portugal.
Throughout its existence the University often moved from one city to another. So initially based in Lisbon , in the third edict of King John the Pious in 1537 it was finally moved to Coimbra , where he remains to this day. What is surprising is that the university was given a huge building of the royal palace in Coimbra , in which the University is to this day . Above the entrance to the University are bas-relief images of the patrons of the school , the kings and Juan Diminish the Pious .
In the courtyard of the University is an ancient tower , the construction of which dates from the year 1728 . Coimbra . University . The tower is visible from almost anywhere in Coimbra and without her picture does not do any one city guide . Four bells mounted on the tower of his blows marking the beginning and end of the training sessions at the University . The University of Coimbra is famous by the fact that here is perhaps one of the oldest libraries not only in Europe but in the world with a huge collection of ancient manuscripts of the 16th century. The founding year of the library is 1728 , now is a kind of museum, the entrance to which is about three euros.
Coimbra . University . Interestingly, the study building a legal fakultea connected with the library gallery, which the students called the Latin way. This name is due to the feature of the Faculty of Law where all classes are conducted in Latin. Theology , medicine and law , these three disciplines taught here since the founding of the University. It was not until the mid-eighteenth century, when the ubiquitous Marquis de Pombal decided to reform the education system in the country. That he is obliged by the University of the eight faculties . The three oldest , medical , legal and humanitarian , he added, pharmaceutical , scientific, economic , psychological, and sports . The number of students reached twenty thousand , it is noteworthy that the doors of the University are open to foreign students for a fee. Price for one year of study is 800 euros.
Student of the Republic, was the name of student accommodation in the 13th century , when they were built by the order of the founder of the University of Coimbra in the nearby area . Since then, students live by the laws of the Republic of democracy, where every member of the fraternity can take part in the management of the common house , and all the important decisions are taken only after the general election .

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