Coimbra . Portugal

Coimbra . Portugal

Coimbra . Portugal

A small but picturesque town in the center of Portugal , Coimbra has a rich history . Coimbra . Portugal . Attractions Coimbra is of course its old streets , buried in greenery , fountains and shady parks in the hills , offering beautiful views of the city . The picturesque village of about 70,000 residents gave Portugal a galaxy of scientists, explorers , artists and writers.
Jardin de Mango , elegant garden city , built on the sketch drawn by the Portuguese King Don Juan third . Legend has it that during a walk in Coimbra , King said the place was empty and decided to fill it with a beautiful gazebo, a sketch which he jotted down right there on the sleeve of his coat .
True or not, but in 1531 a royal design was brought to life , and the city received a beautiful garden.
Coimbra is famous for its botanical garden , founded in 1772, the Marquis de Pombal . In the garden there are more than 40 species of eucalyptus , and a rich collection of exotic orchids.
Coimbra . Portugal . The identity of the Marquis , by the way , quite noticeable . It was he who actually ruled the country during the second half of the eighteenth century , and that he is obliged to Lisbon fairly rapid recovery after the terrible earthquake of 1755 , when the town is only a few buildings. Power shock was such that the channel of the river Tagus , which stands at the mouth of Lisbon, was shifted to 400 meters.
Coimbra . Portugal . The city is known by the fact that here is the oldest university in Portugal. The first mention of the University dates back to the year 1290 during the reign of King Dimisha . For more information about the University of Coimbra in the next article .

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