Wines of Spain. Rueda region

Wines of Spain

Wines of Spain

Rueda wine region until recently enjoyed popularity among connoisseurs of wine in Spain. And this circumstance, there is a reason .
The dominant grape variety in Rueda Verdejo this course . Exquisite fine taste of white grapes lets you create delicious wines with bright fruit flavors . In the region of Rueda and cultivated grape varieties , but it is Verdejo hallmark of these places. History varieties originated from the eleventh century, when the brand was introduced by wandering monks of the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa. Sort came to taste wine masters of the time, and developed a system of monasteries contributed bystoroy Verdejo has spread throughout Spain. Fortified wines along the lines of sherry were popular across the country. Already in the 18th century, most of the vineyards in Rueda were brought to this , beloved by many connoisseurs of wine grape. To a large extent, this also contributed to the favorable clay- chalky soil of Rueda . It was not until the early 20th century, but in the thirties phylloxera epidemic killed more than 95 % of the vineyards in the region of Rueda . Spanish wines have lost Verdejo . Then razrozivsheyasya civil war and led to stagnation does the wine industry of the country. Wines of Spain . Region Rueda Verdejo found a replacement , a new high yielding variety Palomino almost completely supplanted its predecessor deserved .
In the seventies, the legendary Spanish winemaker Marques de Riscal, whose name is associated with the formation of Rioja as the main wine-producing region of Spain , has decided to conduct an experiment to create a light fruity wine produced without the traditional oak aging . Was chosen for this region Rueda , where he was hired the famous French enologist Emile Peynaud . Decided to work with almost extinct by the time Verdejo and it has paid off . Wines made from Verdejo had a huge success both in Spain and spoiled good wines , and beyond. The reason for this was the incipient global trend and the growing demand for dry , fresh white wines are produced in abundance in sovedney France. Many of the region’s economy vinodelchiskie Rueda began to invite French winemakers to produce wines in the new style.
Ispanii.Region Rueda wine got its second wind . In 1980, he was qualified DO Rueda (Denominacion de Origen). According to the rules of wine Rueda region of Spain must be at least 50 % Verdejo . The rest of the percentage allocated for a variety makacheo or sauvignon blanc . If the label states that the contents of Rueda Verdejo Verdejo at least 85 %.
Vineyards in the region of Rueda located mainly in the middle mountains , at an altitude of about 700-800 meters above sea level. A high level of acidity and tart flavor of grape picking up due to the large differences of day and night temperatures .
Harvesting Verdejo happens at night, at about about 14 degrees. Lower temperatures may adversely affect the quality of wine, it gets dark and dramatically decreases the level of acidity.
Quality wines from the Verdejo is a bright well-balanced with a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste . The wine is kept up to six or seven years, and aging in oak gives it a noble varietal flavors.

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