Overview of the small town of Tarifa. Spain. Meet the pearl of the coast of Light, Tarifa! If the main criterion is the quality sandy beach is also not crowded in July and August, here’s a
the year before last rested with the children in the area of ??Malaga, namely in Nerja to Fuengirola and sensitive … and this summer got to Tarifa … Well what do you say … the beach in Tarifa, compared with the same Nerja … it’s kind of like Mercedes and Lada) see themselves

Bologna is the beach, close to the rates … and this is the high season (beginning of August) … no one is practically on the beach …
we dived this way, there great place for spearfishing …

because the place is not untwisted … detail about the beaches Tariffs read here djanga.ru (menu beaches) …
accommodation … lived frugally, removed the flat at 25 euros / day, kitchenette, bedroom, 5 minutes to the beach, all uyutnenko so))
booked at the tourist local saytik http://tarifa.costasur.com/en/apartments.html,
advice, do not shoot in the city center, the nightlife there is such a fairly busy frankly:

or such
 but only … if you want to go somewhere, then there without a car difficult, although we rented a quad bike and drove around the neighborhood … aah , there’s still kind of like a paradise for archaeologists have unearthed a Roman town right on the beach, said sales in Europe is hard to find)) then that’s laid out a full report http://djanga.ru,
by and large, spacious place for lovers of sandy beaches and quiet family holiday, though not if you live in the center of Tarifa, but, for example, in Verhere (a small town 5 km from Tarifa))) Yes, my friends stayed there until the middle of September, Vodicka was warm, especially in the Puddle (this is the so-called local shallow beach near Tarifa). The only thing with excursions there frankly napryazhno relax … but full expanse and children)))

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